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Piclopedia's initiating sponsor is Terra Segura International. Please visit them at

Please go to to read up on how the project is being organized and to join.

Here are some sites and projects mentioned elsewhere on this site or are just worth exploring because Piclopedia shares a philosophy or approach:

Digital Green
Developing a participatory framework for agricultural extension

The eGranary Digital Library provides millions of digital educational resources to institutions lacking adequate Internet access.

Barefoot College
The College addresses problems of drinking water, girl education, health & sanitation, rural unemployment, income generation, electricity and power, as well as social awareness and the conservation of ecological systems in rural communities.

Sandec's activities centre on problems of sustainable development in economically less developed countries. Its mandate is to assist in developing appropriate and sustainable water and sanitation concepts and technologies adapted to the different physical and socio-economic conditions prevailing in developing countries.

Projects exemplifying technology convergence:

Dharamsala Wireless-Mesh Community Network
"Mesh topology also offered much larger area coverage, while the “self healing” nature of Mesh routing, proved to be essential in places where electricity supply is very erratic at best."

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