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In the meantime, we'll post news of efforts that exemplify what Piclopedia is about, that is, news about people who are making a difference in their own communities using resources that they have been able to leverage, both locally and abroad. Here's a start:

"Microscopes made from bamboo bring biology into focus"
"In a remote village in eastern India, dozens of underprivileged children are for the first time marveling at the elaborate details of flower petals with the help of a microscope—made out of bamboo.
     This nifty device is a product of the creative minds at Jodo Gyan, a small nonprofit in New Delhi." <<More>>

"Finding clean water for the slums of Buenos Aires"
     "Rebeca Hwang was 11 years old the first time she treated contaminated water. It flowed clear and cold from the taps of her family home in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
     She recalls herself, a pigtailed, South Korean native, watching her nanny and mother dribble cholera-killing bleach into 12 liters of boiled water, the daily supply for Hwang's family. For two years, the Hwangs, along with millions of other families in South America, cooked with, cleaned with, and drank these bleach solutions to outpace a nearly continent-wide cholera epidemic." <<More>>

"Of PDAs and maternal medicine in Mongolia"
     "Although maternal deaths occur throughout the country, which is nearly the size of Alaska, the nomadic herders who make up one-third of Mongolia's population are difficult for health workers to reach and care for.
     As a possible fix, Mongolia's National Center for Health Development is implementing a pilot project funded by Japan's Asian Development Bank, and part of that project focuses on making high-risk rural patients easier to treat. Acer PDAs preloaded with case management software have been handed to 50 rural field nurses, who digitally log case details...." <<More>>

"Want to really help the world's poor?"
     "If so, we need pay attention to Paul Polak, who really knows what he’s talking about. In 1987, Polak founded International Development Enterprises, an organization that since has helped 17 million get out of poverty. Now he has written a book entitled Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail." <<

"Plugging Africa's kids in to $100 laptop"
     "Khaled Hassounah stood at the front of a dusty classroom, 10 miles outside of Nigeria's capital, Abuja, pointing his index finger in the air. 
     'Show me your power adapters,' the 31-year-old Hassounah called out. Forty young hands shot up in response, hoisting pronged AC adapters skyward, black cords dangling to the floor. 
     It was test deployment day for Hassounah and his team from the One Laptop Per Child project, and the students were interacting with their new laptops--or any laptop--for the very first time." <<More>>

"Remya Jose's Washing Cum Exercise Machine"
     "Miss Jose made this washing machine, after her board exams, when she was 14 years old. 
     It all happened because Remya’s mother fell ill during her 10th standard exams and her father was undergoing cancer treatment. She had to change three buses while going to and coming from school and spend about two hours each way. As there was no washing machine at home, the chore of doing the laundry fell to her and her twin sister. So instead of just wishing futilely for a washing machine, she decided to try her hand at making one during the vacations." <<

"Biogas technology transfer in small scale farms in Northern provinces of VietNam" (conference workshop paper) 
     "The aim of the project is to find simple ways to install biodigesters made of polyethylene tube and brick - cement in small farms in North Vietnam. In the last 12 years the animal production sector has developed rapidly in Vietnam due to the government policies in supporting the farmers." <<

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